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Tyres catalogue Winter — Passenger car tyres —

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Size RoF Manufacturer Model
LI SI Type Price with VAT Final price incl. VAT
225/40 R18 XLGislavedEURO*FROST 6EC7292VEU M+S80.00
GislavedSoft*Frost 20092TNORDIC169.00
GislavedNord*Frost 20092Tar_radzem175.00
225/45 R18 XLGislavedNord*Frost 20095Tar_radzem166.00
235/40 R18 XLGislavedNord*Frost 20095Tar_radzem185.00
235/45 R18 XLGislavedNord*Frost 20098Tar_radzem176.00
245/40 R18 XLGislavedNord*Frost 20097Tar_radzem186.00
245/45 R18 XLGislavedEURO*FROST 6EC72100VEU M+S99.00
GislavedSoft*Frost 200EF72100TNORDIC173.00
GislavedNord*Frost 200100Tar_radzem180.00
245/50 R18 XLGislavedNord*Frost 200104Tar_radzem199.00
245/45 R19 XLGislavedSoft*Frost 200EF72102TNORDIC204.00
GislavedNord*Frost 200102Tar_radzem212.00
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All prices are shown in euro (EUR) including VAT (21%).

Winter tyres are divided in 4 groups shown with pictogramms "Type":

Tyre marking shown here.