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Tyres catalogue Winter — Passenger car tyres —

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Size RoF Manufacturer Model
LI SI Type Price with VAT Final price incl. VAT
205/55 R16 XLBarumPOLARIS 3FC7194HEU M+S71.00
BarumPOLARIS 5CC7294VEU M+S72.10
205/60 R16 BarumPOLARIS 5EC7292HEU M+S64.00
BarumPOLARIS 5EC7296HEU M+S66.90
215/45 R16 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7290VEU M+S94.90
215/55 R16 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7297HEU M+S75.90
215/60 R16 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7299HEU M+S74.90
225/55 R16 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7299HEU M+S77.10
225/60 R16 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC72102VEU M+S86.90
235/60 R16 BarumPOLARIS 3FC71100HEU M+S88.20
205/50 R17 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7293VEU M+S87.00
BarumPOLARIS 3FC7193HEU M+S98.00
215/40 R17 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7287VEU M+S109.50
215/50 R17 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7295VEU M+S83.00
215/55 R17 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7298VEU M+S90.40
225/45 R17 BarumPOLARIS 5EC7291HEU M+S73.20
BarumPOLARIS 5EC7294VEU M+S84.40
225/50 R17 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7298HEU M+S84.30
BarumPOLARIS 5EC7298VEU M+S85.50
225/55 R17 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC72101VEU M+S90.10
BarumPOLARIS 3FC71101VEU M+S96.00
235/55 R17 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC72103VEU M+S127.00
225/40 R18 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7292VEU M+S84.50
225/45 R18 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7295VEU M+S99.10
235/45 R18 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7298VEU M+S111.30
245/40 R18 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7297VEU M+S100.90
245/45 R18 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC72100VEU M+S112.70
235/40 R19 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC7296VEU M+S155.60
245/45 R19 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC72102VEU M+S163.80
255/40 R19 XLBarumPOLARIS 5EC73100VEU M+S163.60
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All prices are shown in euro (EUR) including VAT (21%).

Winter tyres are divided in 4 groups shown with pictogramms "Type":

Tyre marking shown here.