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Tyres catalogue Summer — Passenger car tyres —

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Size RoF Manufacturer Model
LI SI Type Price with VAT Final price incl. VAT
245/50 R18 MichelinPILOT PRIMACYEC72100W229.00
ROFMichelinPRIMACY 3CA71100W273.00
255/35 R18 XLMichelinPILOT SPORT 494Y191.00
255/40 R18 XLMichelinPILOT SPORT 4CA7199Y243.00
MichelinPILOT SPORT 3EA7199Y247.00
255/55 R18 XLROFMichelinLATITUDE SPORT 3CA73109V219.00
225/40 R19 XLROFMichelinPILOT SPORT 3EA7393Y303.00
MichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTEA7193Y243.00
235/30 R19 XLMichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTFA7186Y300.00
235/35 R19 XLMichelinPILOT SPORT 3EA7091Y212.00
245/40 R19 MichelinPILOT SPORT 3EA7194Y231.00
ROFMichelinPRIMACY 398Y311.00
MichelinPILOT SPORT 3EA7198Y231.00
245/45 R19 XLMichelinPRIMACY 3BA69102Y264.00
MichelinPILOT SPORT 3102Y272.00
255/30 R19 XLROFMichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTEA7191Y303.00
255/35 R19 XLROFMichelinPILOT SPORT 3EA7396Y303.00
MichelinPILOT SPORT 496Y229.00
MichelinPILOT SPORT 3EA7196Y233.00
MichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTEA7196Y260.00
255/40 R19 MichelinPILOT SPORT 4CA71100W259.00
MichelinPILOT SPORT 3EA7193Z259.00
255/45 R19 MichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTEA70100Y285.00
235/30 R20 XLMichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTEA7188Y307.00
235/35 R20 MichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTFA7188Y283.00
235/45 R20 XLMichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTEA71100Y295.00
245/35 R20 XLMichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTEB7195Y287.00
MichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTEA7195Y282.00
245/40 R20 MichelinPILOT PRIMACYFC7295Y315.00
255/35 R20 XLMichelinPILOT SPORT 4SEA7197Y270.00
255/40 R20 XLMichelinPILOT SPORT 3EA71101Y306.00
MichelinPILOT SPORT 4SCA71101Y301.00
245/30 R21 XLMichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTEA7191Y358.00
245/35 R21 XLMichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTEA7196Y309.00
255/30 R21 XLMichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTEA7193Y335.00
255/35 R21 XLMichelinPILOT SUPER SPORTEA7198Y329.00
255/30 R22 XLMichelinPILOT SPORT PS2EA7095Y427.00
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All prices shown in euro (EUR) including VAT (21%).

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