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Tyres catalogue Summer — Passenger car tyres —

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Size RoF Manufacturer Model
LI SI Type Price with VAT Final price incl. VAT
215/55 R16 MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6993V158.00
215/60 R16 XLMichelinENERGY SAVER+BA7095H152.00
215/65 R16 XLMichelinPRIMACY 3102V128.00
MichelinPRIMACY 398V121.00
225/50 R16 MichelinPILOT EXALTO PE2FB7392Y169.00
MichelinPRIMACY 392V159.00
MichelinPRIMACY HPEC7092V162.00
MichelinPRIMACY HPEC7092W162.00
225/55 R16 MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6995V164.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6995W164.00
MichelinPRIMACY HP95W167.00
225/60 R16 XLMichelinPRIMACY 3102V170.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6998V170.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3EB7098W170.00
205/45 R17 XLMichelinPILOT SPORT 4EA7188Y158.00
ROFMichelinPRIMACY 384V173.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6988V152.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6988W155.00
205/50 R17 MichelinPILOT SPORT PS2FA7289Y160.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6989V152.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6989W152.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6993W152.00
ROFMichelinPRIMACY HPFB7089V168.00
ROFMichelinPRIMACY HPFB7089W168.00
205/55 R17 MichelinPRIMACY 3BA6991W158.00
ROFMichelinPRIMACY 3CA7191W184.00
MichelinPRIMACY 395V155.00
215/45 R17 XLMichelinPILOT SPORT 4CA7191Y138.00
MichelinPRIMACY 387W135.00
215/50 R17 XLMichelinCROSSCLIMATECA6995W179.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6995W169.00
215/55 R17 MichelinENERGY SAVERBB7194H173.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6994W173.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6998W173.00
MichelinPRIMACY HPCC7094V171.00
215/60 R17 XLMichelinCROSSCLIMATEBA69100V164.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6996H152.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6996V152.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6996V155.00
225/45 R17 XLMichelinPILOT SPORT 4CA7194Y122.00
ROFMichelinPRIMACY 3EA7191V135.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6991W119.00
ROFMichelinPRIMACY 3EA7191W145.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6994W119.00
MichelinPRIMACY HPEB7091W121.00
MichelinPRIMACY HPEB7091Y121.00
225/50 R17 ROFMichelinPRIMACY 3CA7194H194.00
ROFMichelinPRIMACY 3CA7194W198.00
225/55 R17 XLMichelinPRIMACY 3CA69101W177.00
MichelinPRIMACY 3CA6997W177.00
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All prices shown in euro (EUR) including VAT (21%).

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