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Winter tyres

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Зимняя шина M+S NORDIC

Winter tyres are clearly superior in the cold months of the year; they offer a wider margin of safety and better economy when the temperature drops below 7° C. Winter tyres approved for a max. speed lower than that of the vehicle may only be fitted if the max. speed of these tyres is
displayed in full view of the driver, e.g. on a clearly visible sticker on the dashboard (Exception: this does not apply to the UK). This maximum tyre speed must not be exceeded.

A combination of summer and winter tyres on passenger cars is not recommended. In most European countries either summer or winter (M+S) tyres are specified for any one axle; in Austria (In Austria, passenger car winter tyres with less than 4 mm remaining tread depth are no longer
legally considered to be winter tyres) and France this applies to all four wheel positions.
Winter tyres have to meet special requirements, meaning that the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm is inadequate. The suitability limit for winter use is a tread depth of 4 mm. We recommend replacing winter tyres before the tread depth drops below 4 mm in the interest of
safety. Top safety in winter can be provided only by true winter tyres on all axle positions (4 tyres).

Snowflake designation (in USA and Canada): This additional marking on an M+S tyre shows that the tyre meets legally prescribed test criteria and ensures good winter properties.

In Latvia studded tyres can be used in period from October, 1st till May, 1st. Passenger cars with gross weight not exceeding 3,5 t in period from December 1st till March, 1st have to be equiped with winter tyres.