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Correct choice of tyre and wheel

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Tyres can be properly maintained only if they are chosen in accordance with vehicle documents and recommendations of the tyre manufacturer.

The use of higher grade tyres of the same size is permitted: Higher speed categories, i.e. “H” instead of “T”. Greater load capacity, i.e. Load Index 82 instead of 80. Both factors may be combined, i.e. greater load and speed.

If tyres are changed to a different size, all legal requirements and regulations, as well as the recommendations of the vehicle, wheel and tyre manufacturers must be complied with. In any event, the freedom of motion of the wheel and adequate load capacity of the tyre must be observed.

Tyre sizes and rims not entered in the vehicle registration document may only be fitted if the vehicle and tyre manufacturer issue a certificate of non-objection or if a public authority issues fitting approval after an inspection by an officially authorised expert (Exception: This does not apply to the UK).

80 and 82 series passenger car tyres of the same size can be interchanged without new approval and without any new entry in the vehicle documents if LI and SI of the interchanging size are of an equivalent or higher-grade quality.
Example: 155/80 R13 79T replaces 155 R13 79T.

Mixed tyre constructions for cars, caravans and other car trailers are not permitted: Tyres fitted on any one vehicle must all be either radial or cross-ply. (Exception: Use of the spare tyre in an emergency).

The same applies to the choice of wheels (rims): The standard wheels approved by the vehicle manufacturer must be used as recommended.

The dimensions and technical properties of runflat tyres (for example SSR, ZP, EMT, DSST, RFT e.c.) correspond to those of standard tyres of the same size and construction. Runflat tyres may be mounted only on vehicles with a tyre pressure monitoring system. A tyre mix should not be fitted on a vehicle since each axle position then does not have the runflat properties provided by Runflat tyres.