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First winter tyre test in size 205/55 R16 (Nr.21/2012)

ArticlesWinter tyres testsFirst winter tyre test in size 205/55 R16 (Nr.21/2012)

Auto Motor und Sport
, (21/2012)

The popular German automotive magazine "Auto Motor und Sport" (D) has published in their issue 21/2012 the Winter Tire Test 2012. The test size was 205/55 R16 H, test vehicle - Mercedes B-class.

The test was conducted by AMS in cooperation with:
• Nokian, Ivalo (winter tests);
• Continental, Contidrom in Jeversen (dry and wet tests).

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Nokian WR D3
Conti Winter Contact TS 850
Semperit Speed-Grip 2
Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D
Goodyear Ultra Grip 8
Toyo Snowprox S 953
Michelin Alpin A4
Fulda Kristall Control HP
Pirelli Snowcontrol Serie 3
Vredestein Snowtrac 3
Hankook Icept RS
Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32
Nankang NK Snow SV-2
Pointspoints 265 263 251 247 247 244 243 230 226 219 216 204 185
Place 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
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Summary of the test
The note "Highly recommended" did get fife models: Nokian WR D3 (Best in Test), ContiWinterContact TS850, Semperit Speed-Grip 2, Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D and Goodyear UltraGrip 8. As "recommended" were nominated Toyo Snowprox S 953, Michelin Pilot Alpin A4, Fulda Kristall Control HP and Pirelli Snowcontrol Serie 3. Vredestein Snowtrac 3 and Hankook Icept RS rated as "sufficient", but Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 and Nankang NK Snow SV-2 185 are "not recommended".

About ContiWinterContact TS850:
+ good snow performance;
+ low rolling resistance;
+ very good braking results;
+ well balanced driving behaviour;
- higher exterior noise level;
- slight load changes on the snow.

About Semperit Speed-Grip 2:
+ best in wet;
+ very safe driving behaviour and high grip level in the wet comfortable;
- average results in snow;
- strong understeering


More information on the site of "Auto Motor und Sport" magazine.