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The company LANEKS was founded in March 1992 in Riga. Initially it was located in 21 Aizkraukles str. and the tire assortment consisted of tires produced in CIS countries. Good contacts were established with the biggest Russian factories, so back then it was possible to deliver virtually whole range of products. Mostly the tires produced in factories of Yaroslavl, Nizhnekamsk, Omsk, Bobruisk and Belotserkovsk were offered.

First deals with Western companies were made in 1994 when cooperation contracts were signed first with Goodyear, later also with Continental. Closer cooperation developed with the latter one, since soon enough LANEKS became the official exclusive importer of Continental tires for vehicles and trucks in Latvia.

Tоргово-сервисный центр LANEKS в Пурвциемсе
In December 1994 the first specialized LANEKS tire retail store “DALLASS” was opened in Riga, 24b Biķernieku str.. A service centre with warehouse was built and handed over for operation right besides in August 1998.

A store named “RITENIS” was opened in July 1996 in Riga, 151 Dzirnavu str. It quickly became very popular in whole of Riga. Yet as the times changed, so did the supply and the philosophy of the tire sales companies. The customer flow in the given part of the city also diminished, therefore after considering all the pros and cons, the store was closed in 2007. Probably it’s a fact that should not be grieved for, since a totally new and modern tire sale and service centre was opened in October 2001 not so far away, in 1 Satekles str., and in some respect it not only replaced but also complemented the above mentioned store “RITENIS”.


The district of Pārdaugava also has its own tire sales and service centre in 3a Jūrmalas gatvē. It was opened by LANEKS in August 1999. Initially it was one of the most modern service centres of the kind in Riga, being built according to standards accepted in Europe.

Tоргово-сервисный центр LANEKS в Плявниеках

The latest LANEKS sale and service centre which is essentially a base complex has been built in 2006 in 143 Lubānas str. It accommodates an office and a modern sale hall, a service station for vehicle and truck tires, warehouses and a truck tire restoration plant. It is worth noting that the tire restoration plant was operated even before the relocation of the company office from Aizkraukles iela since it was determined by the time and demand for local, good quality tire restoration.

In 2002 LANEKS signed a master-franchise contract with CONTINENTAL for development of a global tire sale and service network in Latvia. Although it was known in Europe under the name of Pneus Expert, here it was named as ContiClub. Currently this network is represented not only by LANEKS, but also by such companies as AK12 (Cēsis, Valmiera), Rito R (Madona), SINHRO C (Cēsis), AN Auto (Saulkrasti), INTRANSSERVISS (Jelgava), and EDUARDS-2 (Tukums). The emphasis in the development of ContiClub is made not on the quantity but rather on quality. Therefore franchise contracts are signed only with the best cooperation partners. Due to the development of the network Latvian drivers can feel more confident and secure on the road. Tire service centres included in this network always provide the client with the very best of the car tire world – products and services, technologies and prices, maintenance and guarantees.

LANEKS service centres offer maximum wide range of services related to tires and discs:

  • Mounting and dismounting of vehicle and truck tires and discs;
  • Wheel balancing;
  • Vehicle and truck tire repair;
  • Storage of seasonal tires.

We also offer the “quick service”:

  • Orientation adjustment;
  • Oil change;
  • Brake system diagnostics;
  • Chock replacement;
  • Shock-absorber replacement;
  • Repair of the vehicle’s running gear.

Pateicoties ContiClub tīkla attīstībai, Latvijas autovadītāji var justies pārliecinātāki un drošāki uz ceļa. Riepu servisa centri, kas ietilpst ContiClub tīklā, vienmēr piedāvā klientam pašu labāko no autoriepu pasaules – preces un pakalpojumus, tehnoloģijas un cenas, servisu un garantijas.

Today LANEKS is one of the leaders of its field in Latvia not only in retail but also in wholesale. Company representatives constantly take care of distributing the products in all regions of Latvia. The product range includes not only tires but also light-alloy and steel discs and accumulators.

LANEKS represents numerous global range brands in the Latvian market: tires by Continental, Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop and Bridgestone, accumulators by Exide and Bosch, oils by Mobil. For several years already LANEKS has been a partner of the popular wheel disc manufacturers RIAL and FONDMETA. The maximum wide product range constantly found in the company’s warehouses allows successful operation of the wholesale and retail departments, as well as provision of maintenance services. The wholesale network of the company has numerous dealers (sales representatives) that operate in all regions of Latvia.

Sale and service halls of LANEKS centres accommodate modern high-tech equipment which allows the possibility to perform full scope of works related to tires and discs. Highly qualified staff ensures professional servicing level.

LANEKS staff welcomes all Internet users to our new website and hopes that the information provided here will be useful. We will be glad to meet you in LANEKS service centres in Riga and at our partners in whole Latvia!