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Continental IceContact™ 2 - excelent performance on icy roads

NewsTyresContinental IceContact™ 2 - excelent performance on icy roads

New studded winter tyres Continental IceContact 2 offer better performance than tyres of previous generation.

The stud technology, developed with the University of Karlesruhe, offers a greater transmission of forces between the studs and ice to improve traction and braking performance. The optimum arrangement of studs provides more grip on ice. This tyre complies with legislation on studding. Continental’s StudOn Retention technology helps reduce stud loss.

New studs called Kristall Stud in IceContact 2 are 25% lighter than those in ContiIceContact. That is mean the number of studs will be greater in some sizes for even 50 %.

The presence of reservoirs around studs to collect ice ensures shorter braking distances on icy roads. Continental IceContact 2 has a new asymmetric tread pattern. Sinusoidal sipes on the outer part of the asymmetric tread provide more grip in all winter conditions. Zig-zag sipes on the inner tread improve snow traction performance. The rubber compound, designed for low temperatures, offers additional safety.

The new Continental IceContact 2 will be available in Scandinavian and Baltic countries as well as in Russia in 70 sizes for passenger cars and SUV's from 14 till 20 inches.

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