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New tires for winter from Dunlop - Winter Sport 5

NewsTyresNew tires for winter from Dunlop - Winter Sport 5

Dunlop launches the latest iteration of its winter tyre series, the Winter Sport 5, with a full range of sizes available already from September 2015. The tyre, which is designed to build on the award-winning success of its latest Winter Sport 4D, is the fifth addition to the line that offers the grip and performance to combat a variety of winter surfaces, including wet, icy and snow-covered roads.

Dunlop states that the new tyre was designed to help consumers continue to navigate unforeseen winter roads and conditions, including black ice, slush, icy patches, melting snow and puddles. In order to deliver these characteristics, more than 400 R&D specialists spent 24 months testing on three different continents. Innovations include an increased number of tyre blocks, which offer enhanced performance on snow-covered roads and angled centre sipes, which provide more lateral grip on slippery surfaces. Additionally, amplified depth of grooves defends against aquaplaning, and optimized construction and weight distribution improves on fuel efficiency.

Compared to its predecessor, the tyre delivers a five per cent increase in wet braking; a 16 per cent increase in ice braking; a 15 per cent increase in rolling resistance and a four per cent increase in snow acceleration.

“With heavy rain and other extreme weather becoming more common in Europe, excellent grip is essential for driving in winter,” said Hans Vrijsen, Dunlop marketing director consumer EMEA. “We are pleased to offer a tire that grips the road in winter weather and offers the peak performance that our consumers have come to expect from our tires. Regardless of the winter conditions, the Winter Sport 5 provides our ambitious and active consumer with a tire that suits a fast-paced lifestyle,” said Vrijsen.

As the official tire partner of AMG Driving Academy, Dunlop tests high performance tyres under tough and demanding conditions. The tyre is available in 43 sizes: SD/195 to 255; AR/40 to 65; RD/15” to 19”. Designed to meet all kinds of winter tyre requirements, the tyre carries the Alpine emblem; the three-peak mountain with a snowflake.