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01.05.2017Working hours of LANEKS

This week LANEKS will work on 2nd and 3rd May, only. Other will be days-off.

24.04.2017Autoreview summer tyre test 2017

Russian magazine Autoreview in issue Nr.7, 2017 published summer UHP tyre test made on General Tire proving ground in Texas, U.S.A.

15.03.2017Vi Bilägare summer tyre test 2017

Swedish magazine Vi Bilägare published summer tyre test in size 205/55R16.

08.03.2017Auto Zeitung summer tyre test 2017

German magazine "AUTO ZEITUNG" has published in the issue Nr6/2017 the summer tyre test 2017. With VW Touran were tested tyres in size 215/55 R17.

01.03.2017AutoBild summer tyre test 2017

German automotive magazine AutoBild published their summer tyre test 2017. Tested tyre size was 225/50R17.

23.02.2017ADAC summer tyre test 2017 in 2 sizes

Automotive Club ADAC (Germany) has published the Summer Tire Test 2017 on his homepage.

09.02.2017Continental realigns brand positioning in European tire business

Football sponsorship has proved a highly efficient way to greatly enhance the visibility of the premium Continental tire brand in almost all European markets. Continental had achieved the brand recognition targets it had set for the communication platform that football provided. Now it is time to make new step for brand positioning.

22.12.2016Christmas and New Year

Winter looks like an autumn but Christmas time is so close!

17.11.2016Latvia - 98!

Tomorrow on 18th of November, 2015 we are celebrating the Independence day of Latvia. Therefore all LANEKS tires centers will be closed.

You will be kindly well come next day on 19th of November again!

Congratulations - Latvia!

18.05.2015Auto Zeitung Test of Summer Tires for SUV's 2015

German magazine "AUTO ZEITUNG" has published the "Test of Summer Tires for SUV's 2015". The tested tire size was 215/65 R16, test vehicle a VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI.

15.05.2015 Summer tyre test by Auto Zeitung 2015
20.04.2015 Summer tyre test Auto Bild 2015
16.04.2015 Summer tyre test by Autoreview, 2015
15.04.2015 Vi Bilägare Summer Tyre Test 2015
31.03.2015 Auto Motor und Sport summer tyre test 2015
23.03.2015 Tekniikan Maailma summer tyre test 2015
03.03.2015 ADAC/OEAMTC/TCS summer tyre test 2015 in 2 sizes
27.02.2015 First summer tyre test in 2015 made by GTÜ/ACE/ARBÖ
16.09.2014 Goodyear supports the race from Norway to South Africa
12.03.2014 Tekniikan Maailma summer test 2014.
18.03.2013 Auto Bild Sportscars UHP Summer TireTest 2013
15.03.2013 Summer tyre 4x4 test of German AutoBild
10.03.2013 Summer Tire Test 2013 of Swedish Vi Bilägare
09.03.2013 Summer 4x4 tyre test of Russian AUTOREVIEW
08.03.2013 Summer tyre test 2013 of German AUTO ZEITUNG
07.03.2013 Summer tyre test of ADAC in 2 sizes
01.03.2013 The spring is comming
14.02.2013 First summer tyre test 2013

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