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Catalogue of manufacturers — Winter tyres —

Catalogue of manufacturers → Winter tyresBarum

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Size RoF Manufacturer Model
LI SI Type Price with VAT
135/80 R13 BarumPolaris 3GC7170TEU M+S40.50
145/70 R13 BarumPolaris 3GC7171TEU M+S48.90
145/80 R13 BarumPolaris 3GC7175TEU M+S49.20
155/65 R13 BarumPolaris 3GC7173TEU M+S51.80
155/65 R14 BarumPolaris 3FC7175TEU M+S55.10
155/70 R13 BarumPolaris 3GC7175TEU M+S49.80
155/80 R13 BarumPolaris 3GC7179TEU M+S49.60
165/65 R14 BarumPolaris 3GC7179TEU M+S65.10
165/70 R13 BarumPolaris 3GC7179TEU M+S54.10
165/70 R13 XLBarumPolaris 3GC7183TEU M+S65.30
165/70 R14 BarumPolaris 3FC7181TEU M+S59.80
165/70 R14 CBarumSnoVanis 2EC7389REU M+S110.40
165/80 R13 BarumPolaris 3FC7183TEU M+S57.30
165/80 R14 BarumPolaris 3FC7185TEU M+S61.10
175/65 R13 BarumPolaris 3GC7180TEU M+S69.10
175/65 R14 BarumPolaris 3FC7182TEU M+S61.20
175/65 R14 CBarumSnoVanis 2EC7390TEU M+S109.50
175/65 R14 XLBarumPolaris 3FC7186TEU M+S68.10
175/65 R15 BarumPolaris 3FC7184TEU M+S67.20
175/70 R13 BarumPolaris 3FC7182TEU M+S58.00
175/70 R14 BarumPolaris 3FC7184TEU M+S66.40
175/70 R14 XLBarumPolaris 3FC7188TEU M+S76.90
175/80 R14 BarumPolaris 3FC7188TEU M+S72.20
185 R14 CBarumSnoVanis 2EC73102QEU M+S92.60
185/55 R14 BarumPolaris 3FC7180TEU M+S80.70
185/55 R15 BarumPolaris 3FC7182TEU M+S93.00
185/60 R14 BarumPolaris 3FC7182TEU M+S64.90
185/60 R15 BarumPolaris 3FC7184TEU M+S69.40
185/60 R15 XLBarumPolaris 3FC7188TEU M+S72.50
185/65 R14 BarumPolaris 3FC7186TEU M+S66.60
185/65 R15 BarumPolaris 3FC7188TEU M+S70.50
185/65 R15 XLBarumPolaris 3FC7192TEU M+S80.90
185/70 R14 BarumPolaris 3FC7188TEU M+S76.60
195 R14 CBarumSnoVanis 2EC73106QEU M+S112.80
195/50 R15 BarumPolaris 3FC7182TEU M+S74.20
BarumPolaris 3FC7182HEU M+S82.20
195/55 R15 BarumPolaris 3FC7185HEU M+S91.50
195/55 R16 BarumPolaris 3FC7187HEU M+S106.10
195/60 R15 BarumPolaris 3FC7188TEU M+S78.10
BarumPolaris 3FC7188HEU M+S86.00
195/60 R16 CBarumSnoVanis 2EC7399TEU M+S127.70
195/65 R14 BarumPolaris 3FC7189TEU M+S94.60
195/65 R15 BarumPolaris 3FC7191TEU M+S68.00
BarumPolaris 3FC7191HEU M+S81.10
195/65 R15 XLBarumPolaris 3FC7195TEU M+S78.30
195/65 R16 CBarumSnoVanis 2EC73104TEU M+S130.90
195/70 R15 CBarumSnoVanis 2EC73104REU M+S103.50
195/70 R15 RFBarumSnoVanis 2EC7297TEU M+S83.70
195/75 R16 CBarumSnoVanis 2EC73107REU M+S117.10
205/50 R16 BarumPolaris 3FC7187HEU M+S141.00
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