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Catalogue of manufacturers — Summer tyres

Catalogue of manufacturers → Summer tyres

Size RoF Manufacturer Model
LI SI Type Price with VAT
135/80 R13 KELLY STGE6870T39.99
145/70 R13 KELLY STGC6871T42.97
145/80 R13 KELLY STGE6875T42.97
155/65 R14 KELLY ST75T54.50
155/70 R13 KELLY STFC6875T42.97
155/80 R13 KELLY ST79T45.96
165/65 R13 KELLY STFC6977T53.22
165/65 R14 KELLY ST79T53.22
165/70 R13 KELLY ST79T48.38
165/70 R14 KELLY STFC6981T54.50
175/65 R14 KELLY STFC7082T55.50
175/70 R13 KELLY STGE6982T50.80
175/70 R14 KELLY ST84T59.91
185/55 R14 KELLY HPFE6880H83.53
185/60 R14 KELLY HPGC6882H55.64
185/60 R15 KELLY HPFE6784H84.67
185/65 R14 KELLY STFE6886T58.06
KELLY HPFE6886H67.73
185/65 R15 KELLY HPFE6888T69.30
KELLY HPFE6888H73.28
185/70 R14 KELLY STFE7088T65.32
195/50 R15 KELLY HPFE6882V60.48
195/55 R15 KELLY HPFE6885H92.35
KELLY HPFC6885V96.76
195/60 R15 KELLY HPFC6888H77.41
195/65 R15 KELLY HPEE6991H69.58
KELLY HPEE6991T69.58
KELLY HPEE6991V72.00
195/70 R14 KELLY STGE6991T81.11
205/50 R17 XLKELLY UHPEB6793W171.90
205/55 R16 KELLY HPEC6991H90.79
KELLY HPEC6991W91.93
KELLY HPEC6991V92.64
205/60 R15 KELLY HPEE6891H78.69
KELLY HPFE6891V85.95
205/60 R16 KELLY HPEF6892H112.13
205/65 R15 KELLY HPFC6994H88.94
215/55 R16 KELLY UHPEC6793W142.87
215/55 R16 XLKELLY UHPEC6797W153.68
225/40 R18 XLKELLY UHPEC6892W153.68
225/45 R17 XLKELLY UHPEC6894W130.63
225/55 R16 KELLY UHPEC6695W160.94
225/55 R17 XLKELLY UHPEB67101W192.39
235/45 R17 KELLY UHPEC6894W142.87